i'm finding that where i am plays a much larger role in my artistic creation than i had previously thought. last week i had to drive to Greenville (about an hour and a half away) for a morning meeting and i found my self really really wishing i had time to pull over and photograph at least half a dozen old houses on the way. i took a couple snapshots from the car, but its not the same as taking the time to capture the image you really want. 

as is pretty obvious from my blog activity, i've felt fairly uninspired since we moved here. matt and i spent the weekend cleaning the house and tidying up and i finally attacked my office today. its been a dumping ground for the last few months and i literally have not been able to sit down at my computer since december. the "stuff" gets in the way, but its also my mental space. its been so full of everything else. trying to make friends, looking for jobs, and now working. my evenings are short and mostly consumed with trying to soak up my relaxation before the next day. 

anyway, i'm hoping the change in the weather and the longer days will get me out of the house shooting. maybe i can even motivate myself into spending a weekend painting.
its about time i made another treasury…and today it is all about sugar bowls and spice canisters. 
can you believe THANKSGIVING is a week away?! matt and i don't have any plans for dinner in particular. he has a lot of work to do so i'm going to make some kind of nice meal and we will probably watch a movie that night. the day afterwards we are taking Carleigh to the Outer Banks for the first time. should be a sight! i'll post photos. :)
here is a wee summary of what i've been doing since we moved to Murfreesboro, NC at the end of July. 
when we first got here we did a lot of this. microwave dinners and soda on the couch. whew, done moving.
then we went to the beach! it was late summer, early August so it was still nice and hot. we plan on going back when its cool enough to take Carleigh. :)
this is tobacco. they grow that here. there is also peanuts, cotton and soybeans.
this is Gwenevere and Carleigh being super cute in our new house. <3
two weeks after we moved, i helped my super-new-good-friend, Leeta with a photo shoot at this amazing old house.
interior of the really cool old house.
fog, looking out our backyard very early in the morning sometime in September.
the end of summer and the cotton is showing!
this is where i've been spending 85% of my time since we moved here. this is Hertford County's Animal Shelter. i've jumped in head first with their rescue and haven't had much time at all to do anything else....including update this blog!!



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i'm on hiatus for a few months until matt and i get settled in NC. 

wish us luck!

every saturday from 10-2 until July 13th!

[p.s. we're moving!]
how about coming to this?

or this?

yesterday was our first day of summer-like heat and humidity. i think it was 84 with over 70% humidity. it felt like 94. i could feel my body trying to adjust to the change in temperature. around midday we took the dog for a walk and matt kept commenting on how slowly i walk when i'm hot. i can't help it! i just don't have the oomph to go any faster.

actually, there are a lot of things i do differently in the summertime. i take at least two showers a day, i eat and cook foods you don't have to heat, i wear contacts most days, and i wear less heavy jewelry.

that last one is something i could make a treasury from. so i did. lightweight, sweaty body, summer friendly jewelry. :)


so this photo describes what happened the last time i made kale salad. make this you will not regret it.
basically, we discovered Carliegh's love of kale. every piece i was trimming she was losing her mind over. the other day matt and i said that Carliegh's ideal meal would be a bowl of carrots, kale, peanut butter and sweet potatoes. such a healthy dog! 

you can come out and see me at two events this weekend. on saturday we'll be at the Brewerytown Spring Festival which is at least twice as large as it was last year. on sunday we'll be at the Punk Rock Flea Market from 10-5! see you soon!
to continue the mother's day weekend theme for a few more days, let me tell you about irises in my family. 

my paternal great grandmother, Cinderella Priscilla Odom (née Overall) was a Tennessee state champion iris award winner. she had rows and rows of the flowers that i remember having to be very careful around when i was a kid. she even hosted an iris show at her farm outside of Murfreesboro, TN that people from all over the nation came to. because of my mom's interest in gardening and flowers, Cinderella and my mom became very close and i remember walking into the greenhouse and the two of them giggling over flower pots. 

so when Cinderella passed away, my mom became the iris-bearer in the family. the deep purple color, called black, has always been my favorite. though i've always associated the lighter lavender and yellow colors with my mom. in part maybe because so much of her wardrobe is lavender and violet. she sent me a dozen or so bulbs when we moved into our house and i planted them last fall per her instructions (handed down from Cinderella). in the last week or so, some buds have shown up and the sense of pride i have for these little plants seems larger than life. i'm just so thrilled that 1. i kept them alive and 2. they're going to bloom!  i'm also proud that i am the fourth generation to grow irises and with a few more years practice i may be able to say that i can grow them well. :)

and because its tuesday, a treasury of irises



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